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Startup Guide

Handset (Front)

Part Description
icn_decimal_01Notification Lamp Flashes for notifications while Display is off. Lights while charging.
icn_decimal_02Earpiece/Speaker Hear the other party's voice here.
icn_decimal_03Proximity/Light Sensor Detects surrounding brightness to automatically adjust Display or backlight and prevent Touchscreen misoperation during a call.
icn_decimal_04Front Camera Use to shoot still images, videos of yourself, etc.
icn_decimal_05Display Touchscreen-type display, operate with your fingers on Display.

Handset (Back/Side)

Part Description
icn_decimal_01Second Mic Reduces noise for calling.
icn_decimal_02Headphone Port Connect commercially available headphones.
icn_decimal_03Internal Antenna/GPS Antenna Area Internal Antennas for calls, data communication, and GPS.
icn_decimal_04Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Antenna Area Internal Antenna for Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® features.
icn_decimal_05Camera Capture still images and videos.
icn_decimal_06NFC / Osaifu-Keitai® Detection Area Hold up to a reader/writer to use NFC / Osaifu-Keitai®.
icn_decimal_07Internal Antenna Area Internal Antenna for calls and data communication.
icn_decimal_08Flash/Photo Light Use as camera flash when taking photos, etc.
icn_decimal_09SIM Card/SD Card Slot Insert SIM Card/SD Card.
icn_decimal_10Speaker Listen to music as well as video, etc. audio.
icn_decimal_11USB Type-C™ Port Connect USB Type-C cable (commercially available), etc.
icn_decimal_12Mic Speak here.

Handset Keys

Part Description
icn_decimal_01Volume/Zoom Up/Down Key Adjust Volume.
Adjust Zoom while using Camera.
icn_decimal_02Power Key/Screen Lock Key/Fingerpr int Sensor Long Press for power on/off.
Turn Display on/off.
Or, use Fingerprint authentication.

Inserting SIM Card

SIM Card is an IC card containing phone number and other customer information.

Always unmount SD Card beforehand.


  • Pull SD Card Tray out from handset

  • Pull SIM Card/SD Card Slot Cover out straight using fingernail in groove.


  • Pull SIM Card Tray out from handset

  • Pull SIM Card Tray out straight using fingernail in projecting part.


  • Set SIM Card into SIM Card Tray with IC chip facing up

  • Check SIM Card orientation by notch.
  • Make sure SIM Card is in Tray securely.


  • Holding handset held level, press SIM Card Tray in straight

  • Check Tray orientation.


  • Press SD Card Tray in straight

SIM Card is inserted.

  • Check Tray orientation.
  • Press firmly where circled ○, and make sure there is no gap between handset and SIM Card/SD Card Slot Cover.

iHandling SIM Card

For SIM Card handling, see following items.

  1. IC chip

For SIM Card handling, see Ymobile Website.

  • Always keep the IC chip clean.
  • Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Avoid applying labels. May damage SIM Card.

!SIM Card Cautions

Observe the following when using SIM Card.

  • Customer is responsible for any damage caused by inserting SIM Card in an other-brand IC card reader, etc. Ymobile Corp. is not responsible in such case.
  • SIM Card is the property of Ymobile Corp.
  • SIM is replaceable (at cost) in case of loss/damage.
  • Return SIM Card to Ymobile Corp. when cancelling subscription.
  • Returned SIM Cards are recycled for environmental purposes.
  • Note that SIM Card specifications and performance may change without notice.
  • It is recommended that you keep a separate copy of information that is stored on SIM Card. Ymobile Corp. is not responsible for damages from stored information that is lost.
  • Always follow emergency procedures to suspend service if your SIM Card or handset (SIM Card inserted) is lost/stolen. For details, contact Customer Service.

Powering On


  • Long Press Power Key until handset vibrates once

Lock Screen appears.

  • Startup wizard appears for the first time handset is powered on. Follow onscreen instructions.
  • Battery level is not sufficient if low battery indicator appears when Power Key is Pressed with handset powered off. Charge Internal Battery.


To view the regulatory compliance mark

  • Find and tap Settings→System→Certificates
    Regulatory compliance mark such as FCC ID is displayed on the screen.