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Prices include tax unless otherwise noted.
Owing to consumption tax calculation, prices may differ from the invoiced amount.

Advantages of being with Y!mobile

Y!mobile Shops On Military Bases in Japan  with English Speaking Crew ! Y!mobile Shops On Military Bases in Japan  with English Speaking Crew !

Shops On Military Bases in Japan, with English Speaking Crew!

Use your Own phone or purchase a New Smartphone Use your Own phone or purchase a New Smartphone

Use your Own phone or purchase a New Smartphone,
eSIM service is available

Why Get a local Japanese Phone Number Why Get a local Japanese Phone Number

Get a local Japanese Phone Number

Short Term Service available with NO cancellation fee! Short Term Service available with NO cancellation fee!

Short Term Service available with NO cancellation fee!


What's eSIM?

What's eSIM?

What's eSIM?
eSIM is a smartphone with embedded SIM otherwise known as Digital SIM.
If you have an eSIM compatible smartphone, you can sign up the mobile service without newly inserting the physical SIM or replacing the SIM with the existing one. If the device has DSDS: dual SIM dual stand by function, you can even use two different carrier mobile services on one device.

Advantages of eSIM
You can have 2 numbers on 1 device.
Therefore, you can keep your US number while having a Japanese number as well!
You can customize your physical and eSIM! Calls and texts can be set to your US number while data can be set to the Y!mobile eSIM.


The following Y!mobile
contract patterns are available.


Buy a device
from Y!mobile



Use the device
you already have


Top Three Reasons to Buy Y!mobile

3GB for fast internet service and calling
SoftBank Network is Wide, Fast and Comfortable!
Family Discount
  • 3GB for fast internet service and calling
  • SoftBank Network is Wide, Fast and Comfortable!
  • Family Discount

Price Plans

The basic charge is guaranteed to never increase! Every plan is 5G※1 applicable

5G with a high-speed and a large-capacity (new frequency is 3.7 GHz only) is offered in a limited area. Please go to area map for details (▶ymobile.jp/s/5garea).
You are required to prepare 5G device to use 5G communication.

  • [Data Carry-over Option]
  • • Simple S/M/L subscribers can carry over to the next month any data allowance on their plan (including additional data with Extra Data Option) remaining after deducting the data used in the current month (discarding fractions of 100 MB).
  • • Only the standard allowance and any increased data allowance from extra data options can be carried over; additional data allowance purchased by an application to restore normal speeds cannot be carried over. Fractions of 100 MB in the data to be carried over are discarded.
  • • On share plans, data can be carried over while sharing data allowance with the primary connection (while sharing applies). However, the data allowance for the month before sharing with the primary connection begins and any data allowance remaining in the last month when sharing is canceled cannot be carried over.
  • • Data allowance is used in this order: Carried over data → Standard data allowance (including additional data with Extra Data Option) → Additionally purchased data allowance.
  • *1 [About 5G service]
  • • Service areas for 5G is initially limited, some users may stay in using 4G service in the main.
  • • It is best to check 5G available areas on the website (▶https://ymobile.jp/s/5garea) before device purchase. Even if your device shows 5G on the screen, it may switch to 4G when you start communication.
  • • In 5G service areas, transmission speed may be reduced compared with that of initial status as users increase in the future.
  • *2 Family Discount Service that is applied from the second or subsequent lines is ¥1,188/month. This service cannot be applied together with Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set (A) .
  • *3 [Monthly Data Usage] If you exceed the sum of your monthly data allowance (3 GB/15 GB/25 GB) and any additional data allowance with Extra Data Option (if you have signed up for it; 2 GB/5 GB/5 GB), the maximum speed is reduced to 300kbps in Simple S and 1Mbps in Simple M/L, for both transmission and reception. You can purchase additional data for ¥550 per 0.5GB to go back to the original data speed. Please go to My Y!mobile account to apply.
  • *4 Charges vary depending on the number of characters. For more information (▶ymobile.jp/r/sms/)
  • *5 [Extra Data Option Free Campaign 2] First time applicant for Extra Data Option (¥550/month) will enjoy 12 months free of charge from the following month of subscription. During the month of application, discount is applied as an extra privilege. For using the increased data amount by Extra Data Option, self application is required to go back to the normal speed.
  • *6 When you subscribe Simple S/M/L, Super Daretodemo Teigaku for Smartphone Basic plan will terminate.
  • *7 [Note for Daretodemo Teigaku and Super Daretodemo Teigaku (S)]
  • ※ The free calling benefit will not be applied for the calls below. International roaming, international call (calls to overseas phones), calls to Voicemail (1416), calling rates for call forward service, Navi-dial (0570), Tele-dorm (0180), call assistance (104), other some phone number that we especially designate and publish (▶ymobile.jp/r/telephone/), etc.
  • ※ The company reserves the right to end any call that continues for an unusually long period of time.
  • ※ Regarding calls to phone numbers specified by company and announced (▶ymobile.jp/r/telephone/), or call forwarding services (calls made by a telecommunications service phone numbers owned by other telecommunications carriers [hereinafter "forwarding source phone numbers"] to other phone numbers provided by a telecommunications carrier that has a forwarding source phone number for making calls as the main purpose), such calls are not applicable for free calls of this service, therefore, call charges according to the price plan you are using will be applied.
  • ※ We have the right to terminate or discontinue service on calls we regarded as unusual activity. When connecting other device or equipment without prior consent from us. When in used for the purpose of earning income directly such as communication intermediation, forwarding function, or connection to services provided by other companies. ·Calls made automatically using software and computer programing, excluding those provided by us or our authorized telecommunication carriers. ·Communications used for purposes other than calling.
  • *8 If you are 60 years old or older at the time of execution and subscribe Simple S/M/L, monthly charge of Super Daretodemo Teigaku (S) (application required) is covered with discount. Not available with “Domestic Call Discount Campaign when Changing Contracts to a Mobile Handset/Smartphone.”
  • ○Activation Fee of ¥3,850, Universal Service Charge, and telephone relay service charges will be charged separately.
  • ○If any campaigns or discounts seen here are terminated, there will be a notification on Y!mobile website.
  • ○The discount amount of these campaigns are calculated by the basic fees excluding taxes.
  • ○The campaign may change or end at any time without prior notice.
  • ○The information provided is as of March 23, 2023.

Discount Service

Family Discount

  • Application Required

※ Family Discount Service and the Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set (A) cannot be applied together.

Family Discount Service
Family Discount Service

From the Second Line(and multiple lines)

  • ※ For subsequent lines, Simple S/M/L and Pocket WiFi® Plan 2 (Basic) are applicable for enjoying Family Discount Service. Share Plans are not applicable. For Pocket WiFi® Plan 2 (Basic), you will get a ¥550 discount.

■ Application Requirements

  • ● Family Discount is applied only for individual account, Corporate accounts are not eligible.
  • ● An identification is required for each family member for application.

■ Notice:

  • ● Family Discount cannot be applied together with Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set (A) and its special application offerings, Hikari Special Discount, Hikari Special Offerings, and Wi-Fi Set Discount.
    In cases (1) through (3) below, application of privilege will end in the month.
  • (1) If the contract of main line or subsequent lines are terminated
  • (2) If the main line or subsequent lines are changed to other plans, the Family Discount will disappear.
  • (3) If the account ownership is transfered from an individual to a corporate.
  • ※ If you have multiple lines and the case of (1) through (3) are applied to partial lines, the Family Discount Service will only end for those lines that were changed.
  • • If the campaigns or discounts seen here end, there will be a notification on Y!mobile website.
  • • The discounts (tax excluded) of these campaigns are taken from the basic fees (excluded taxes).

Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set (A)

  • Application Required

※Family Discount Service and the Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set (A) cannot be applied together.

  • ※ Applicable Payment Plans are Simple S/M/L, Pocket WiFi® Plan 2 (Basic). Applicable number of lines for this discount are up to 10 lines per 1 line of the Fixed-line Internet Service. For Pocket WiFi® Plan 2 (Basic) or Data Basic Plan L, you will get a ¥550 discount.
  • ※1 [Example of subscription] For SoftBank Hikari Family, charges of ¥5,720/month (on an automatically renewing 2-year contract; customers contracting on or after July 1, 2022 who cancel outside the month when the contract term expires or either of the following 2 months incur a cancellation charge of ¥5,720) and designated option charges from ¥550/month are payable separately. See here (https://u.softbank.jp/3KFwQRZ) for details about the cancellation charge.
  • ※2 Opting into the Hikari BB Unit Rental (¥513/month), Wi-Fi Multipack (¥1,089/month), and White Hikari Phone (¥513/month) is required. The option set costs ¥550/month.
  • • If the campaigns or discounts seen here end, there will be a notification on Y!mobile website.
  • • The discounts (tax excluded) of these campaigns are taken from the basic fees (excluded taxes).

Sign-up Guide

Payment Method (Options)

For monthly payment, using a credit card is recommended.

Payment with credit card(accepted credit cards)

Payment with credit card

  • ● You can use credit with one of the above logos.The owner of the credit card needs to visit the store.
  • ● Some credit cards may not be used to purchase certain models.

※It will take about 1 or 2 months to set up withdrawals or complete bank transactions after application is made. Until then, we will send an invoice with transfer bill, so please pay at a convenience store or bank during this time. ※When registering your payment method, we will need to confirm your credit card or your bank book or cash card. ※Please see Y!mobile website for banks that accept the bank transfer payments.

Application Fee

Activation Fee Activation Fee

Cell Phone Number Portability (MNP)

When changing from another company to Y!mobile smartphones or cell phones, you can keep the current phone number by using the Cell Phone Number Portability (MNP) or number transferring service.


Get an “MNP Reservation Number” from the cellphone carrier you are currently contracted for.

NTT docomo au/Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company Rakuten Mobile UQ mobile
(UQ Communications/
UQ mobile Okinawa)
From a cell phone or land line From NTT docomo
mobile phones: 151
From landlines: 0120-800-000
(Servive hours: 9:00–20:00)
(Servive hours: 9:00–20:00)
(Servive hours: 9:00–20:00)
(Servive hours: 9:00–20:00)
From websites From My docomo
Procedures ▶ Cancellation, etc. ▶ Mobile number portability reservation ▶ Conduct procedures
(Servive hours: 24 hours a day)
From My au
TOP ▶ Smartphones & mobile phones ▶ Contract terms/procedures ▶ Inquiries/procedures ▶ MNP Reservation
(Servive hours: 24 hours a day)
From my Rakuten Mobile
Three-line menu at screen top-right ▶ my Rakuten Mobile ▶ Contracted plan ▶ Procedures ▶ Switch to another carrier ▶ (Obtain MNP reservation number)
(Servive hours: 24 hours a day)
From UQ Mobile Website
Top ▶ My Portal ▶ Contract Terms ▶ View and Change Your Contracts ▶ Details ▶ Switch to Another Carrier
(Servive hours: 9:30–20:30)


Take your MNP reservation number and visit Y!mobile store.

※The MNP reservation number is valid for 15 days, including the issue date.

  • ※You will no longer be able to use the device you were using with your previous company. Upon termination of that contract, you will also not be able to use the relevant services, such as mail address, payment plans, discount services, contents and e-money services.
  • ※If you have a discount service on your yearly contract, you may be charged for early cancellation of the contract.
  • ※Handling charges as determined by the other carrier apply when transferring from another company. No MNP leaving processing fee or number transfer processing fee is payable when you leave or transfer your number from Y!mobile.
  • ※Depending on the customers contract, you may not be able to make reservations by phone or the internet (MNP reservations are done according to each company’s protocol).
  • ※When using the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, the contract with the pre-transfer carrier is cancelled the moment the transfer process is completed by the post-transfer carrier. In the event the transfer process is conducted during a period which is not the contract renewal month of the pre-transfer carrier, a penalty for breach of contract may be charged depending on the content of the contract between the pre-transfer carrier and the customer. Please be aware that when conducting the transfer process (MNP) via the Internet, time may be required for the transfer process to be completed.

Documents for application

■ Proof of identification (Foreign National)

Under the Mobile Phone Improper Use Prevention Act, you are required to present the following documents.

Please have the original documents with you. Photocopies are not accepted. The documents presented are not used for other than applicant identification. We may ask you to present one or more of the following documents depending on the contents of your application:

Residence Card + Foreign Passport
Special Permanent Residence Certificate
■ Document must be valid. 
■ Must have your current address written on it.
  • ※ If the document shows an address different from your current address or no address at all, supplementary documents will be required.
  • ※ We do not accept residence cards with the residence status of“none”.
  • ※ Without the proper residence status, you will not be able to enter into a contract for instalment payment.
  • ※ You do not need to show your foreign passport if your residence status is “Permanent Resident (PR)” or “Highly Skilled Professional (ii).”
  • ※ For an up-grade, you do not need to show your foreign passport if you present your Residence Card.

■ Supplemental Documents

  • ● An original copy of a Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register received within the last 3 months, a utility bill payment receipt proving you live in Japan(electric bill, gas bill, water bill, etc.), a document notarized by a municipality of Japan.
  • ● A document with your current address.(We cannot accept documents that we cannot confirm your correct address with, such as ones showing only the building name or room number)

Important Notes on Data Service

PDF file

Y!mobile Customer Support

For general inquiries or technical support, contact one of the following numbers.

Business hours 10:00am-7:00pm(for general information)
From Y!mobile handset 151 Press “5” for English support
From landline 0570-039-151

We have shops on all major US military installations in Japan, with English Speaking Crew to support your needs.
Y!mobile service sign up is available at any on base SoftBank shop.

Due to the current circumstances, operational hours of each shop may change.
Please confirm the shop operational status and hours before visiting.

Mainland Japan

Atsugi [NEX]

Location: Building 958
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun Closed
DSN: 264-5858
TEL: 0467-63-5858

Yokosuka [NEX]

Location: Building 1559
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00
Sun 10:00-18:00
DSN: 241-2001
TEL: 0468-96-2001

Sasebo [NEX]

Location: Building 129
Bayside Foodcourt
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun/US Holiday 10:00-18:00
DSN: 252-3563
TEL: 0956-50-3563

Iwakuni [MCCS]

Location: Building 410
Crossroads Foodcourt
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:30
Sun 10:00-17:30
US holiday 12:00-17:00
DSN: 253-5851
TEL: 0827-79-5851

Yokota [AAFES]

Location: Building 570
1st floor of the YCC
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00
Sun 10:00-18:00
DSN: -
TEL: 03-6868-2348

Zama [AAFES]

Location: Building 406
Exchange Annex Bldg.
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun 10:00-17:00
DSN: -
TEL: 03-6868-2382

Okinawa Japan

Kinser [AAFES]

Location: Building 1227
PX location
Hour: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00
Mon Closed
DSN: 637-3400
TEL: 098-878-5769

Foster [AAFES]

Location: Building 1002
Market Place
Hour: Mon-Sun 09:00-19:00
DSN: 646-2104
TEL: 098-971-2104

Courtney [AAFES]

Location: Building 4131
Commissary / PX location
Hour: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00
Mon Closed
DSN: 622-6015
TEL: 098-954-6015

Kadena [AAFES]

Location: Concessionaire
Mall Bldg 412 BX 1st floor
Hour: Mon-Sun 09:00-20:00
DSN: -
TEL: 03-6868-2241

Hansen [AAFES]

Location: Building 2419
Foodcourt / PX location
Hour: Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00
Sun 10:00-18:00
DSN: 623-5951
TEL: 098-969-5951


I am interested in getting a plan, but I prefer to keep using my US number as well.
Is there a way to use two phone numbers in one device?

Yes, if your device is unlocked we can offer you a Y!mobile eSIM.
You can continue to use your stateside SIM and an embedded SIM with Japanese phone number simultaneously. *Conditions apply

I have a device that I used in the US, can I continue to use it?

If you could get the USIM unlocked on your current device, in most of the cases you can keep using your device just subscribing for Y!mobile USIM only contract.

I am staying for a short period of time. Do you have a prepaid (pay as you go) service?

We also offer prepaid service. Y!mobile plan can be canceled at any time without any cancellation fee. We suggest our regular service plan as it is reasonable without 2 years commitment.

I am currently using SoftBank. Can I switch over to Y!mobile or vice versa?

Yes, of course! You can keep the same phone number and switch over between two brands free of charge.

Does Y!mobile offer 5G network service?

Yes, all service plans are 5G compatible. You can check the current service area map from our SoftBank website.

Does Y!mobile offer an unlimited data plan?

Y!mobile offers 3GB, 15GB, and 25GB data.
Our primary brand, SoftBank will be your best choice for unlimited data.
Please check the site below.
Mobile Service for US Military in Japan, SoftBank
Both SoftBank and Y!mobile phones and services are available at on base SoftBank shops.

What happens if I exceed the default data amount?

Even after the contract data amount is used up, you can continue to use the data at a speed of 300 Mbps for Simple S, and 1 Mbps for Simple M and L.

What do I need to get started?

Please visit your nearest on base SoftBank shop with your:
1) Military ID, or SOFA ID
2) States ID, Stateside Driver’s License, or U.S. Passport
3) Credit card or debit card for your monthly payment method
4) Ensure your device is UNLOCKED by your carrier for SIM only account

Can I apply online or do I have to visit a shop?

If you live off base you can apply online from our Y!mobile Japanese website.
We highly recommend you to visit the shop for English consultation.

How can I terminate my service? Can I request the date in advance?

Please visit your nearest Softbank shop on the day you wish to terminate your service.
No, there is no advance service termination reservation at this time.

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Also check the site below if you are looking for unlimited data plan or latest phone models.
Mobile Service for US Military in Japan, SoftBank