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Y!mobile Online Store English Guidance Y!mobile Online Store English Guidance

This page explains how foreign nationals residing in Japan can sign up for a Y!mobile SIM only service account online.
Click here to check the Y!mobile service outline and price plans.


Check if your device is available for using Y!mobile SIM card.

1. Have your device ready

2. Unlock device if SIM restricted

SIM unlocking is the procedure to make your device available for Y!mobile SIM even if your smartphone is purchased from another mobile network operator.
Please ask the company from which you purchased the device as the procedure for SIM unlocking is different for each mobile phone company.
SIM unlocking is not necessary if you purchased the "SIM free" device such as Apple Store.

You can check the models that have been technically confirmed to work under Y!mobile network service and SIM below. (in Japanese)

Models that have been confirmed to work:
Click here

  • * The connection record indicates that you have used the relevant function at least once under certain conditions with the relevant device. Connection results do not guarantee all operations.

Prepare what you need for sign up

1. Identity verification documents

One of the following IDs is required


Please prepare either of the following identification documents (1) or (2).

  • * Submitting the copy of the ID on which your current address is shown.
  • * If your current address is different from which shown on the identification document, or if the identification document does not show your current address, submission of your resident's card or a utility bill receipt showing your current address as the destination is required. (Valid only the document within 3 months from issuance)
  • * If the subscriber and user are different, please also prepare personal identification documents, or student ID/handbook, where age can be verified for the user.

(1) Special Permanent Resident Certificate

  1. Valid only those within the expiration date
  2. Showing the current address is required
  • * When you upload the special permanent resident certificate, please make sure to upload it with masking the column of "gender" by the masking paper.
    If that part is not masked, the copy will be erased and your application will be declined.

(2) Residence Card (former Alien Registration Card) + your home country Passport

  1. Valid only within the expiration date
  2. Remaining 90 days or more until the period of residence
  3. Showing the current address is required
  • * The submission of the copy of the ID ( back side) is required even if there is no change in history.
  • * Your home country passport should be within the expiration date.
  • * When you upload the passport, please make sure to mask the column of "gender" by the masking paper.
    If that part is not masked, the copy will be erased and your application will be declined.

Instruction on uploading the image

Take a picture of your identification document with a digital camera or smartphone. Save the picture on your computer or smartphone. Please select the picture on which your face photo or ID description can be seen clearly. For identification documents, please take a picture so that you can see the entire object of the ID.

File format JPEG
File Size within 5MB *3MB to 4MB is recommended.
Notes for taking photo
  • Focus
  • Avoid shadows
  • No flash, avoid reflecting light
  • Shoot from the front angle
  • No image processing
2. Payment method

You can sign up with a credit card.

If the name of the credit card is different from the subscriber, please submit the following documents. (In Japanese)


Please print the PDF from the URL link above and fill it out. Then take a shot with a digital camera or smartphone, and upload the image file to the Online Store.

Submission of the identification document of the credit card account holder is also required.

Acceptable credit cards

The following credit card brands can be used to pay the initial fee and monthly fee.

Credit Card Brands List Acceptable for Bill Payment
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, DinersClub, UC, MUFG Card, DC, UFJ Card, NICOS, Mitsui Sumitomo Card, AEON Credit Service, Orico, OMC, Cedyna, Life Card, TS Cubic, Rakuten Card, Juccs, Pocket Card
  • * Debit cards cannot be accepted. If you use a debit card, it may take several months for refund if your application is voided due to the incomplete application, or cancellation.
  • * Corporate credit cards is not accepted.
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